Windows 8 or I mean 8.1

I just started using Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8 but it has been sitting on my desk so long that 8.1 was out by the time I actually got around to it. I have to say it is relatively annoying. Not intuitive for someone that has been using Windows since 1.0. It is actually easier going from Windows 7 to Apple than this transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I guess once you discover that the “Start” page is all the stuff that used to be under the “Start” button it sort of makes more sense but there is still the feeling that there are two desktops instead of an area to launch frequently used applications. It seems faster but that could be the solid state drive I installed it on and that I do not have a million things running in the background yet. I like some of the “Apps” but do not like how IE from the start page is different from the desktop. It is like two browsers and one is relatively useless with plugins.

So I seem to be largely negative so far but I am new at this Win8 thing. More to come after a few months of use.

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So the Apple announcement was less than stellar. I will not re-hash the general information as you can find that just about anywhere. What is surprising me the most is that people are actually trying to show that these are big deal additions to the tired platform that is the iPhone. Of course this is just my two cents but fingerprint scanning and a new camera that is 50% of the power of the Nokia (Microsoft) camera is not all that innovative. I guess people just can’t move on. The Galaxy S4 I am using right now is by far the best device I have used. I wish I could feel that way about Apple but that feeling is just gone. Funny thing is that I cannot live without my iPad. They didn’t touch the iPad in this round and maybe that is a good thing.

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Road Ride

It has been a long time since I was on a group ride. A few weeks ago I went out with a group from a local eatery and had a blast. We did 25 miles and with some current and old racers. It was nice to ride next to someone and not see them get all squirrely on me when I was within a few inches. I have been riding my 13 year old USPS Trek (5200 I think) and sort of getting the itch for something new. I am checking into an S-Works SL4 Tarmac at the moment. I am so enamored by the road riding that I got a Burley to cart our son around while I shed some pounds to try and do a little masters racing next year. Should be a fun time and it is good to be riding again on a regular basis again.

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My social network

I am struggling with social networking. I like it as a way to share things with my fiends and family but I am also not interested in a totally broadcast network. For example I post things of a professional nature and that are relevant for my professional fiends and people who are in the fields I work in. Of course people that know nothing about the subject feel that they can post what they think are “funny” comments but generally are disruptive, rude and show a level of ignorance. Then there is the “parent syndrome” where (sorry mom) one or more parents think that every post is a personal conversation for them to participate in. I am 44 years old and thanks to Facebook am reliving that awkward moment when your mom wants to kiss you goodbye in front your classmates. And of course there are the “friends” only posts… The things meant for your close friends about inside information and events that you are planning etc. but that you don’t need your work network knowing about. For example if you are planning a hunting trip but some people in your network who are important to your career are card carrying members of PETA. Or you are human and some of your social network are aligned with the Democratic Party 🙂

I am not sure what the answer is. I am just struggling with my participation in the social media realm.

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Went out for a ride yesterday. 20 miles (19.7 according to map my ride) of mostly trails. It is amazing how many awesome trails are in the middle of the city of Wauwatosa. Kudos to the Metro Mountain Bikers MMB for the upkeep! I am joining today to support the sport and to help keep the trails open to bikes. I met a trail nazi in Hoyt Park who felt her dog was the sole purpose that trails were formed. I guess we do need to continue to protect ourselves from the minority. Every other person I met was kind and appreciative of my willingness to pull over and share the trail.

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